The Museum of Human Achievement



Opening Reception

Saturday, February 15, 2014 @ 7pm

with a special performance at 7:30pm

Olaniyi R. Akindiya (Akirash) is an interdisciplinary artist, born in Lagos, Nigeria, who has lived
in the Republic of Benin, Accra, Ghana, and traveled extensively to participate in seminars,
biennales, artist residency programs, workshops, group and solo exhibitions.  


Much of his work contributes to the development of communities, women and children,
by encouraging art in public space.  He often incorporates drama and performance in his
projects as an instructional tool and as a way to encourage communities to share
experiences.  He currently resides in Austin, TX, although he continues to
travel and work internationally much of the time.


Lately, Akirash has been creating stunning intricate tapestries made of small human figures,
folded, twisted and joined together, to honor the many countries in the world that have
their own traditional locally made cloth. The theme of this show,
The title of this show references our use of clothes to hide those parts of our bodies
we wish to keep secret. In these tapestries, Akirash highlights the skills necessary
to take raw cotton, spin it into threads, and then weave them together to form
these unique traditional cloths.  


The Museum of Human Achievement is excited to feature Akirash’s recent
works in the form of a full gallery installation.

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