Writers -- #Write2TheEnd with Ami & Kim

Welcome to #Write2TheEnd Updates with Ami Hendrickson & Kim Jorgensen Gane!

#Write2TheEnd(TM) is a MuseInks(TM) / GANE Possible(TM) collaboration. We hope we will inspire you, keep you informed, and keep you driven toward completing your writing goals. Whether or not you actively participate in any of our workshops, we thank you for trusting us with access to your inbox.

Stay tuned for workshop offerings, programs, and free writing tips. Please join our free and open Facebook Group for community, conversation, and events, such as author visits. It's not an ad dump or book promotion tool: it's an area where driven southwest Michigan writers, like you, can share helpful links, gather together, and support one another's writing goals.

Amy & Kim see a tremendous amount of talent and potential in southwest Michigan. In each other, we have found the support, the drive, and the network necessary for setting definitive goals that can lead to a career in writing, even if it's merely a fulfilling supplemental one.

We're here to help you succeed, too.

Ami Hendrickson & Kim Jorgensen Gane

420 Main Street
St. Joseph, MI 49085
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