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Thank you for your interest in PDG Unique Music Education. If you would like to register for music lessons complete the form. Registration is free. By registering with PDG, you will be added to our music education program and contacts list. We will not give or sell your contact information to anyone. Please take a moment to read through our policy.

Once we receive your registration you will be able to complete the free basic music assessments required by all potential students. This will be your way to show us what you know about a few basic music concepts and theory.
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Please add your questions and/or comments below and we will reply as soon as possible.
PDG reserves the right to record audio and video segments during lessons and recitals for the intended purpose of online instruction, education, and promotion.
By registering with PDG, you agree to read and accept the terms of our current working policy found on the PianoDrumsGuitar.com website. By registering with PDG you agree to the following disclaimer: PDG and/or any of its contracted instructors can not be
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