Preference is Just the Beginning: Video Recommendations in the Age of Mobility

Consumers today face a huge number of TV and video viewing choices, expanding at a seemingly exponential rate. Even if a viewer knows what they are looking for, it can be a daunting task to find it. But how do viewers discover new programs to watch in today’s TV/video world? And how do content providers cut through the clutter to surface programs to the right potential viewers?

As the TV/video ecosystem changes rapidly, each viewer’s experience evolves as well, informing their perception of the value and context of what is recommended to them. Personalization solutions must dynamically respond to these changing consumption patterns. Content recommendation systems must not only take into account the full range of consumer experiences, but also be informed by content business rules and the financial goals of
 media delivery enterprises, including operators, aggregators, and content providers.

This paper explores how recommendation and discovery solutions are adapting to rapidly evolving consumer behaviors and ecosystem companies’ business needs. Five TV/video industry insiders give there views about the challenges and opportunities for recommendation and personalization today as well as in the future. Five key topics in video recommendation were highlighted in those discussions: Preference, Location, Time, Target device, and Business rules. A section is dedicated to each topic, and starts with a quote from one of the industry insiders. Each area is analyzed, and opportunities and challenges presented.


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