Thank you for your interest in the Big Buck Registry's Facebook Share for Share Program!
Facebook has changed the algorithm again!  But we still reach a bunch of fans.  
Keep in mind that we have 225,000 followers.

Please fill out the form below and we will reach out to you as soon as we can review your page.
We have some criteria in order to share your page:
1. Please Donate to the Cause (whatever you feel this is worth to you) CLICK HERE
2. Share Us Back- Our LINK:
3. Please Note: Our standard Share slot is 11:05pm EST.  We may vary from this if you have more LIKES than we do.
4. Please Wait 3 Months Before Asking to Share 4 Share again.
5. We Generally Cannot Share Same Day.
6. We Ask that You Continue to Share Links to our Podcast as they are released each Saturday. We will email the links to you...
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